I remember as a young girl seeing a wall bed for the first time in a tiny apartment in Italy at my Grandmother’s house.   I was amazed at what looked like a buffet unit through the day folded out into a single bed at night.  Who would of thought that years later I now design and sell wall beds for a living. 

Over the years I have noticed that Wall Beds have become more and more popular as it not only maximises space in small apartment living but can also function as a multi-function room such as a study, kids’ bedroom, and studios.   Designs have also changed over the years, not only is a Wall Bed known to be a bed inside a cupboard but there are now so many variations of the Wall Bed.  You can have a Wall Bed combined with a sofa, desk, table or even a bookcase. The options and new innovative designs that are on the market are endless, but this can also be quite daunting for someone who is searching for a Wall Bed.

So here are some of my top tips on what to look for when purchasing a Wall Bed.



When looking for a Wall Bed, you need to firstly look at the mechanisms used and how they perform and make sure they have a sturdy metal frame. 

For example:

If you’re looking at a standard Wall Bed (also known as Murphy Bed) – the classic design is either using a spring loaded or piston mechanism which both allow the ease of opening and closing the bed.  Having the spring-loaded mechanism also gives you the option of adjusting the tension to suit the mattress. 

For a Wall Bed combo ( featuring desk, shelving or sofa)  – a slightly stronger gas strut or spring assisted mechanism will give you more support to open and close the bed due to the additional weight. 

Posture Slats. 

Within the mechanism, look for posture cambered slats.  Wooden cambered slats are designed to hold and support a comfortable mattress. The flexible cambered slats are also there to help support the curvature of your spine when sleeping. 


The mattress is just as important as the mechanism.  Make sure that it is a comfortable mattress that is suited for the wall bed mechanism.  For spring loaded you can use a good quality inner spring mattress such as a Sealy mattress. As for a gas strut or pivot assisted mechanisms, depending on the depth of the cabinetry you can either use an inner spring mattress, pocket spring mattress or a good memory foam mattress.   Be sure that the frame of your Wall Bed can handle the weight and thickness of the mattress and make sure that the wall bed has straps in place when folding the bed away. 

Dimensions of your room 

When looking for a Wall Bed make sure you measure the room carefully to make sure there’s enough space for the bed when it’s both folded up and folded down.  For rooms that may be a bit shorter in length, go for a horizontal version over a vertical option, it may suit your room better when the bed is out, especially if you have low ceilings or there is a high light window above the bed.  Wall Beds can also come in different size options and configurations.  Having a CAD drawing of your room is also recommended so you can see what the bed would look like, which can also note how far the bed comes out into the room when it is down.  Knowing all your space parameters will also allow you the option to add more joinery into the room to maximise more space for your needs. 

Installation of your Wall Bed 

Most mechanics of Wall Beds can be tricky, so it is recommended to have your Wall Bed installed by a qualified Cabinet Maker, Joiner or Builder. This will avoid warranty issues and the qualified Installer will make sure there is enough structural framework in the wall to support the bed. Also, the bed needs to be fastened securely to the wall.  Wall Beds can also incorporate additional joinery surrounds so the bed integrates and hides away seamlessly. 


When purchasing a Wall Bed ensure the supplier provides a warranty for the Wall Bed mechanism. Generally, the mechanisms don’t need servicing but if it is a spring-loaded mechanism you may need to adjust the tension over time. Also check with the supplier if the Wall Bed is capable of being disassembled and moved. Some companies will void a warranty on uninstalling or moving a bed and you want to make sure that your Wall Bed is able to be moved without any problems.